How to Brew the Best Cup of Oolong Tea



Oolong tea is one of my favorite traditional teas from China and Taiwan.  It’s partially fermented, which makes it between green and a black tea.  This amazing tea goes through a sweet process that requires human touch. Before the tea leaves are curled and twisted by hand, it is placed under the hot sun and goes through oxidation. I enjoy at least one cup of oolong tea everyday because of the great health benefits and the way it makes me feel calm.  Making the perfect cup of oolong tea is really simple following these steps.

High Quality Source

Oolong tea is an adaptogen.  It’s believed that when this tea is grown at high elevations, the adaptogenic properties will be at their best.  I always purchase high mountain tea, from Taiwan or China. Make sure it is loose leaf instead of being in a tea bag.  The tea in tea bags or usually the dust and fannings from broken leaves.  Loose leaf gives you the whole leaf with no question about what’s in your bag.

Good Water

Just like your tea source is important, good water is just as important.  Most of us don’t have a natural spring to get water from.  Using a reverse osmosis filter is ideal for great tasting tea.  If you don’t have a RO, make sure your water filter is good in your refrigerator.  Using tap water is a last resort, however, better than not drinking tea at all.

Heat The Water

Water temperature for oolong tea should be between 185-205° F.  Gently heat your good water to this temperature.  If you are using the stove top, you can use a thermometer or just look for little bubbles forming around the edge of the water.  The bubbles will be the size of small pearls or fish eyes.  Using an electric tea kettle is an easy way to simply set the desired temperature.

Awaken The Tea

Add one teaspoon of tea per cup of water, more or less depending on your preference.  Add the tea to your teapot, add a little of the heated water, gently rinse and pour out the water.  This is called awakening the tea, while cleansing it and getting it ready for steeping.

Steep The Leaves

Steep your oolong tea for 3-5 minutes.  This is a perfect time to add a natural sweetener if you like. Don’t throw your tea leaves away because you can steep them up to three times.

Sip And Enjoy

Sip and enjoy your healthy benefits from your delicious oolong tea in your favorite tea cup.  I love drinking out of my lava clay tea cup hand-made in Taiwan.  It’s made from the Earth and has a rough texture. I try to avoid any of the tea touching plastic or metal for perfect cup of oolong tea.



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