How Oolong Tea Benefits Your Health


Oolong Tea

What Is Oolong Tea?

Oolong is a traditional tea originating from high mountains in China and Taiwan.  Oolong tea falls into a classification somewhere between green and black teas.  It comes from the same Camellia sinesis plant as the other teas.  The difference comes from the amount of time the tea leaves are oxidized, or fermented. Oxidation can be controlled by starting and stopping though out the process to change the flavors, aromas, and caffeine content.  After the leaves are done being handpicked, they go under direct sunlight to begin oxidation.  Next, they are put into bamboo baskets to lightly bruise the leaves, and may be repeated several times.  Some time in the shade is required for more air-drying and color change.  They require several hours of human care and are rolled in the final steps.

Why Drink Oolong Tea?

Oolong is a great type of tea for the beginner or the connoisseur.  It contains a robust flavor and even more health properties.  The oolong tea caffeine content, along with the catechin, help to fight free radicals in your body. Buying a high quality tea can provide the most health benefits.  Here are some of the oolong tea benefits.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Drinking a few cups of tea a day can help you maintain a healthy weight by speeding up your metabolism. Best results are seen with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.  Oolong tea contains polyphenols that activate resveratrol.  Resveratrol, also called AMPK, reduces fat tissue and development.  Adding a natural sweetener like honey, is a great way to limit your sugar intake.

Normal Blood Sugars

Many studies shows drinking three cups of oolong tea a day stabilize blood sugar levels because of the polyphenols.  This is important for those with diabetes II and for prevention.  Maintaining your healthy weight is also important for normal blood sugars.

Cancer Prevention

There are an abundant of studies done showing that tea is great for cancer prevention.  Tea contains catechins and theaflavins, which have been shown to reduce the risk of skin, prostate, lung, breast, and other cancers.

Good For The Heart

Drinking tea is especially good for the heart by lowering cholesterol and reducing plaque in your arteries. Oolong tea contains catechins, which affect lipid metabolism.  This means you will have a reduction in unhealthy plaque.  Brewing a few cups a day is a great way for cardiovascular disease prevention.

Stronger Bones

Oolong tea contains magnesium and calcium in its leaves.  These minerals will feed your bones making them nice and strong without losing mineral density.  This is especially important for older women who are at higher risk for osteoporosis.

Good For The Brain

Oolong tea is known for is neurological protective effects because of the regulation of antioxidant protective enzymes.  It can also give your brain a gentle boost of mental clarity and energy.  This happens because of the caffeine, GABA, and L-theanine content in the oolong tea leaves.

Not only does oolong tea have a great robust flavor, it has an extraordinary list of health properties good for the body.  Drinking three cups a day of your favorite oolong is an excellent prevention of disease and way to maintain a good healthy.



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