Don’t Waste Your Money Buying These Organic Foods


Don't Waste Your Money Buying These Organic Foods

Eating organic food is a healthy habit.  It protects our bodies from harmful poisons, GMO’s, it tastes better, and even contains more nutrients according to The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  This sounds great, however, the problems comes from the high prices.  They tend to be significantly more expensive than non-organic food.  Buying all organic can empty your wallet pretty quickly! The secret is that you don’t have to buy all organic because some foods are protected more than others.  Don’t waste your money buying these organic foods:


The EWG rated asparagus the 7th lowest with pesticide residue testing, on their fruits and vegetables list.  Save your money and skip the organic section with this popular green.


Avocados are awesome because they have a thick shell that protects the fruit from the pesticides.  Simply remove the shell and enjoy your snack worry-free.  The EWG found that only 1% of tested avocados contained any trace of pesticides.


This cruciferous vegetable  contains one of the lowest levels of pesticide residue making it safe.


Cantaloupe has thick skin so you don’t have to worry about pesticides with this fruit.  Sit back and enjoy your fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants with this yummy fruit.


Carrots do contain pesticide residue on them.  It’s recommended you peel them and wash them to remove the chemicals.  It takes little effort to save a money with this vegetable.


Pesticides used in growing eggplants simply don’t stick to the thin skin of this vegetable.


You know how onions make you cry.  Well they are a good deterrent for insects, meaning fewer pesticides are used.


This tropical fruit is the 3rd safest according to EWG’s list.  You definitely have to cut the skin off anyways to eat this one, removing anything harmful.

Sweet Peas 

Sweet peas are simply protected in the pods that house the peas.

It’s important to note that leafy greens tend to have higher pesticide residue levels.  Save your money with the list of fruits and vegetables above.  Put your money towards the foods that should always be bought organic, and enjoy more of them!

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